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High Performance Super-Learning and Relaxation Music is the ideal background sound for study, training, and stress reduction.


Briefly, research shows that baroque music at 60 beats per minute causes your brain to produce more alpha [calmness] waves. This happens on both left and right sides of the your brain.

  • This simply means that you calm down and relax, in a way similar to when you whistle a happy tune, or when you daydream. This "alpha" state of mind is ideal for learning, creativity, or just relaxing. Download a short piece of the Baroque music now and try it for yourself.

Why High Performance Super-Learning and Relaxation Music is So Unique?

  • To get the best results you need to have only baroque music at 60 beats per minute. You also want the music to sound nice, and not be tedious. It would take you many hours to collect the music, record it onto tape leaving out the parts that were heavy or the wrong tempo. The sound would be less than studio digital.


  • We know because we tried. We searched for pleasant baroque music at 60 beats per minute because we wanted it for ourselves. We could not find a collection of only this music anywhere in the world. So we found the best Baroque  guitarist in Australia and digitally recorded carefully selected pieces. The result is not just a wonderful tool for learning and relaxing, but a lovely concert of delightful music [even if you are not into "classical"]. It is unique, and we guarantee you will love it.

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This also makes it the perfect background for all training from pre-school to government "think tanks." It is used in schools all over Australia. A quote from the teacher of a remedial class here in Australia:"Your Baroque music at 60 BPM seems to slow them down so they can think."

Corporate trainers can improve the effectiveness of training sessions dramatically. A colleague uses the Baroque music as background for his memory training seminars and swears by it. Recall and creativity are improved.

Playing it your car while driving allows you to arrive more relaxed, less stressed and able to think calmly and clearly. Mandatory use would definitely reduce "road rage."

If you are in any business  then you will benefit from discovering what the Coca Cola Retail Research Council showed this music can do. Do people who are relaxed and less stressed out buy more? This prestigious research says yes.  38% more!

There is even limited research suggesting that playing this music improves plant health and growth. "Superlearning" by Ostrander and Schroeder discusses tests done by Mrs Retallack where plants grew toward the music and were far healthier. Later university tests apparently confirmed this effect. My house plants rock!


How much does it cost?

Cost is only $US19 plus postage and handling - to anywhere in the world which is not much.

Full details are on the  Order Page.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
You are given a full 90 day trial. If you feel anything less than 100% satisfied with this CD, please return it to us for a refund of CD purchase price.

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This CD of over 59 minutes has 23 complete tracks from the Baroque era. 

Played live on an Ignacio Fleta [1968] Guitar by Maestro Peter Gore-Symes. 

Here is the list of tracks. It is the form of Composer - Title - Track Length 

1. A. Scarlatti - Gavotte - 3:51 
2. JS Bach - Prelude from Cello Suite - 3:51 
3. D. Scarlatti - Sonata L423 - 2:39 
4. JS Bach - Allemande (Cello Suite 3) - 5:51 
5. JS Bach - Gavotte (Cello) - 2:05 
6. JS Bach - Be Thou Near Me - 2:17 
7. G. Sanz - Espagnoleta - 1:36 
8. G. Sanz - Rujero - 2:00 
9. Anon - Gavotte - 1:44 
10. Anon - Trezza - 1:33 
11. Anon - Allemande - 1:52 
12. R. de Visee - Allemande - 1:58 
13. S. de Murcia - Cancion O Tocata 1:45 
14. G. Platti - Allegro - 5:59 
15. S. Weiss - Bourree - 5:05 
16. G. Brescianello - Menuett - 2:30 
17. Count Bergen - Bourree - 1:35 
18. D. Kellner - Aria - 2:08 
19. Francisque - Branle - 2:26 
20. Johann Logy - Sarabande - 1:56 
21. Johann Logy - Gigue - 1:26 
22. G. Brescianello - Entree - 1:39 
23. Anon - Gigue - 1:10